The Knit Kit - Color Block

The Knit Kit
SKU: KK18-ColorBlock

The Knit Kit is equipped with the nine most essential knitting accessories needed to accompany a set of needles and yarn in your project bag.

THE FRONT: The front of The Knit Kit contains a row counter (1) and a smooth retracting 5ft. tape measure (3). The left side of The Knit Kit has a fully removable crochet hook (2) for picking up that dropped stitch or weaving in an end.  The right side of has a thread cutter (4).

THE BACK:  The back compartment of The Knit Kit nicely houses sturdy, TSA Compliant folding scissors (5), two different sized stitch markers (6 & 7), point protectors (8) and a darning needle (9). The back flap features a needle gauge (10).


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