Falling into Fall . . . closing "camp" and opening "school"

2020.  I can't say I know what to think about it.  I can say that through this I have learned that I don't need much to live happily.  Gone is any thought of keeping up with anyone...here is the thought of living happily with whatever makes me and my family happy.  Its given me a clearer mind of what I need and what I'm comfortable with. 

This summer we managed to master tie dye.  We have made tons of crafts, swam loads of hours in our "pool club" we created for the boys complete with rope swing and cabana.  That was made by re-purposing the swing set.  Now here we are: September.  School.  Fall Knitting.  Summer camp is closed. 

Summer Camp Yarn was the brainchild of my thoughts on how to bring my boys into my creative life.  They loved it, however Summer Camp Yarn will need to close for the time being as we are consumed with what's now home school.  I have my youngest with me in my office daily.  He's dyslexic and has ADHD so it takes some tact and patience.  I only wish the patience I have now I had earlier in life! 

Here's my latest - well it was the beginning of it.  Tamy Gore's Speckled Spice Tee.  I'll show that this week.  The purples, pinks with that touch of navy all came together amazingly.  

So with Summer Camp closing - the birth of something new is arising.  Details to come but I've been busy cookin' up something in the kitchen.  

Happy Knitting!